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Amalia's Music Creations

Amalia is a certified and registered Suzuki Violin and Early Childhood Music Teacher with over 25 years experience. 

She  teaches violin, theory and piano in her home studio in  Christchurch, as well as Early Childhood classes at the local Mt Pleasant Community Centre.  

Amalia's Music Creations offers:

  • Individual and group violin lessons to all ages and abilities using the Suzuki Method of learning.

  • Early Childhood Music classes from Birth to 4 years old using the Suzuki pedagogy at Mt Pleasant Community Centre on Tuesday  morning during term time.

  • Piano lessons using the Suzuki Method. Limited space available.

  • Practical and Theory ABRSM and Trinity exams

  • Studio concerts, Suzuki camps, workshops and family concerts, busking opportunities and parent education sessions throughout the year.

"They're rarely too young....and never too old 'to twinkle!'"

Kay Collier Slone

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Individual and Group Lessons

Individual lessons  

Amalia's Music Creations offers individual weekly violin lessons to students from ages 3 years to adults.    These lessons are taught in her studio in Mt Pleasant, Christchurch or at the local schools where she teaches as an itinerant music teacher.   Lesson times vary anywhere from 20 minutes to 60 minute according to the age, level of concentration and the skill of the student. 

Group lessons

   Students who learn using the Suzuki Method also do group lessons.  This is the fun part of  Suzuki Music Education and are a regular occurrence.  These lessons add different layers of new skills that can't be learnt in the individual lessons such as

  • Building confidence, social skills and friendships.

  • Increasing the enjoyment of music.

  •  Learning ensemble skills, playing together as a group and reviewing previously learnt pieces.

  • An opportunity to practice new techniques acquired at the individual lessons and sharing this learning with more or lesser experienced students.

  •  Exploring other facets of music. For example,  learning musical knowledge, music theory, music reading and notation, understanding dynamics and music history.

  • Sharing these skills with the community through  family  or community concerts, busking, exams and performing.

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Suzuki Early Childhood Music

Every Child Can Learn

 These hour long classes are offered weekly during term time  on a Tuesday from 10.30 to 11.30am at the Mt Pleasant Community Centre,  3 McCormacks Bay Road.                 

Price for a 10 week term is  $100. Free trial for the first class                 

There is limited slots available so please book in early.    

Suzuki Early Childhood Education (SECE) Music Classes are specially designed to educate  a child through music from birth up to age 4 in a calm, learning environment. These classes use music as a vehicle to develop social, communicative and musical skills by using a bi-weekly class curriculum.  They  also lay the foundation for Suzuki instrumental lessons which can be taken when the child has fully mastered the course  and graduated.

The course focuses on 7 principal fundamentals which are as follows:

Every Child Can Learn.

Ability Develops Early.

Environment Nurtures Growth.

Children Learn From One Another.

Parent Involvement Is Critical.

Encouragement Is Essential.

Success Breeds Success.

These principals are implemented throughout the 1 hour programme by using real musical instruments, circle and action songs, lullabies, classical music, nursery rhymes and chants, story telling and parent education.

In addition to basic music skills, the Suzuki Early Childhood Education music curriculum nurtures and helps develop  many other skills such as:   

Cooperation, Focus, Social Ease, Empathy, Patience and sharing, Respect, Diligence, Listening, Sensitivity.

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What is the Suzuki Method?

"Character first, ability second." 

Shinichi Suzuki

The Suzuki Method is an approach to the teaching of instrumental music based on the educational philosophy and teachings of the late Dr Shinichi Suzuki.  He believed that all children could be highly educated if they were given the proper training in a well-structured and caring environment. 

After observing that all children were capable of learning their native language without formal lessons, Dr Suzuki concluded that ALL children have great potential.  He commited himself to finding a way for children to learn the violin using an environment similar to that in which they learn their own language.  He used the term "mother tongue learning" to describe the Suzuki Method.  It also emphasises the importance of the parent in the learning process. 

For further information check out the link below to our NZ Suzuki website.

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“Where love is deep, much can be accomplished."

Shinichi Suzuki

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Want to learn more about Amalia’s Music Creations or book in a term of lessons? Please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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